Human Rights Symposium

Student Team: : Karen Lloyd; Christina Martzall; Althea McWilliams; Taylor Mullins, Dewayne Richmond; Jenny Schultz; Alex Stoltie; Christinia Scottand Danielle Vorhees

Student gives a presentation in front of the classCreated in 1964, the Muncie Human Rights Commission studies problems related to discrimination in the city and advocates for quality in education, employment, youth recreation, and housing regardless of race, color, creed, or nationality. Students in this immersive project worked with the Human Rights Commission and other local institutions to develop, administer, and evaluate a Human Rights Symposium for the Muncie community.The purpose of the meeting is to increase awareness for residents’ human rights and the City of Muncie Human Rights Commission’s mission, services, and the process for filing and investigating complaints.

Faculty MentorRuby Cain, Department of Educational Studies
Community Partners: City of Muncie Human Rights Commission, Industry Neighborhood Association, Whitely Community Council, Muncie Public Library, Muncie Housing Authority, It Is Well With My Soul, DePaul University School of New Learning and Service Engagement Projects, Northeast Indiana Workers Project, Inc.


Capturing "The Big Idea"

Student Team: Maegan Ackerson, Roseanna Barber, Grace Brenner, Phillip Brooks, Haley Cook, Emajh Donaldson, Margaret Fishbeck, Erica Fox, Gillian Gray, Lauren Kren, Kristen Leffler, Lilly McElwee, Ty Miles, Jasmine Moehn, Karissa Nance, Dana Northam, Sarah Rice, Jayla Robinson, Tia Sharp, Cassidy Stigall, Carrie Tackett, Catherine Teague, Madelyn Troy, Shelby Vaughn, Braxton Williams, and Amadi Wisdom



Clipboards on a tableSociology Capstone students administered a survey at 35 different “The Big Idea” school pantries within the eight counties of East Central Indiana.  “The Big Idea” is a Second Harvest Food Bank program designed to encourage kids to dream big about their future goals and stories, and for families to encounter resources and relationships with a welcoming school staff that helps them foster big dreams. The purpose of the survey was to measure the degree to which “The Big Idea” has been successful in assisting families to connect with schools.  The students also provided a chance to elevate participant voices and find stories about the program.

Faculty Mentor: Melinda Messineo, Department of Sociology

Community Partner: Second Harvest Food Bank


Renovation of Residential Structures

Student Team: Amanda Baugher, Noelle Byrer, Katie Fedoronko, Allexis Fender, Dominick Fidanzia, Courtney Gin, Nikolai Greenwell, Treasure Journey, Tony Kahl, Cheyenne Kalb, Ke’Daira King, Joe Mattick, David Miller, Avery Reiter, Sara Rokosz, Hannah Schuler, Hannah Stineburg, Austin White


Students look over building plansIn this immersive learning course, an interdisciplinary team of students worked on rehabilitating existing houses for local non-profit organizations such as ecoREHAB and Brothers 2 Brothers United. The class focused on the design and pre-construction phases before the construction process began.  The students in each project started with creating measured drawings, determining the scope of work needed, making recommendations for revisions, and then creating plans for the remodeling of the houses. Throughout the project, the students worked closely with the non-profits to ensure the designs met partner needs.

Faculty Mentor: Janet Fick, Department of Construction Management and Interior Design

Community Partners: ecoREHAB, Urban Light, and Brothers 2 Brothers

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