Past, Present, Future: Augmented Reality and Heritage Interpretation in Columbus, IN

Student Team: Craig Adams, Grace Bartko, Abigail Bates, Favian Cervantes, Jacob Chavez, Liz Graham, Molly Mullen, Simon Platt, Veronica Rubindecelis, Christian Schmoll, Melissa Tharp, Carrie Vachon, Krissy Werner

Columbus Photo Story ButtonIn this project, students explored Columbus, Indiana’s catalytic influence on the evolving discourse of architectural history and theory. Through an intensive study of historical architectural monuments, students interpreted and reconstructed these icons of design into a digital, augmented reality application, enabling visitors (both virtual and physical) to engage with the monuments in new and exciting ways. As part of the course, students learned how to render with photogrammetry and used digital modeling skills to reconstruct historical landscapes using historical archival documents and personal photography on site. The course was purposefully interdisciplinary to utilize multiple student perspectives and skillsets, from Historic Preservation and History to art and design, as well as all CAP design disciplines.

Faculty MentorKristin Barry, Department of Architecture 
Community Partner:  Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives


Urban Health in Muncie, IN:  Pb in the Soils

Student Team: Emma Altimus, Brady Andres, Cameron Bell, Joseph Hall, Jordan Lee, Katryn Lods, Patrick Ollier, Erin Powell, Elizabeth Riester, Ignacio Rodriguez, Quentin Simpson, Matt Stickler, Drew Toombs, Luke Vanderveen, and Gunnar Young


Student looks at a map on the computerLead (Pb) is a dangerous neurotoxin especially harmful to children, and residents in Delaware County have blood lead levels testing at three times the national average. A 2018 immersive project mapped locations where blood levels were high and sampled local soils.In this year’s immersive project,“Urban Health in Muncie, IN: Pb in Soils,”students looking for the location of potential lead sources. The goal of the project was for students and the United Way of Delaware, Henry, and Randolph Counties to better understand why, despite proven access to lead-free water, local children have higher-than average blood concentrations of lead.

Faculty Mentors: Carolyn Dowling & Jessi Haeft, Department of Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources 

Community Partner: United Way of Delaware, Henry, and Randolph Counties


Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation Video Project

Student Team: Austin Cain, Kendall Gavin, Dennis Healy, Seth Heitmann, Jacob Kemiel, Drew Klawiter, Julian Magana, Kaleb Marr, Mathias Miles, Justin Morris, Fei Pan, Rachel Replogle, Harper Robinson, Max Van Dongen, Andrew Westmoreland, and Braden Whited


AMA Youtube ButtonThe Academy of Model Aeronautics is a model aviation association representing more than 195,000 members from every walk of life, income level, and age group. There are more than 2,500 AMA model airplane clubs across the country, and AMA offers its clubs official contest sanction, insurance, and assistance in getting and keeping flying sites. The organization is also the voice of its membership, providing connections with the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Communications Commission, and other government agencies through the national headquarters in Muncie, Indiana. As the organization matures, it was looking for ways to support its infrastructure and programming with an endowment. In this project, students explored how media assets, especially video, could help AMA encourage members to provide financial assistance toward the organization’s future programming, growth, and legacy. 


Faculty Mentors: Tim Pollard, Department of Telecommunications; Suzanne Plesha, Office of Immersive Learning

Community Partner:  Academy of Model Aeronautics