Beneficence Records

Student Team: Megan Berger, Maxwell Denari, Christopher Golab, Lauren Haywood, Miles Jena, Evan Manning, Cesar Rodriguez, Hunter Shaffer, Andrew Smith, Wesley Skaggs, and Jamison Snyder

Beneficence Records Youtube ButtonBeneficence Records is housed in Ball State's Music Media Production Department and is managed by a team of interdisciplinary students focused on promoting the local music scene. As a part of the Cardinal Music Group, this project is a new immersive offering that focuses on Indiana's burgeoning music business and showcases a diverse roster of artists and their work. This semester, students merged the Beneficence Records project and Indiana Public Radio's show, "The Scene," to help support the regional music ecosystem.  Project deliverables included promotion materials for new musicians, curated playlists, music videos, social media, and email marketing campaigns.

Faculty MentorDaniel Porter, School of Music
Community Partner: Indiana Public Radio

Muncie Micro-Cinema

Student Team: Kai Cohen, Noah Davis Cheshire, Rachel East, Samantha Eldridge, Kendall Gavin, Phillip Gilkeson, Jalen Gill, Kayla Graves, Jerrica Hiddy, Alima Iscandari, Jenna Mesker, Andrea Mourey, Alex Radtke, Rachel Replogle, Maxwell Rinehart, Kwesi Rogers, Nik Stoll, and Chris Zurisk


Micro Cinema Photo Story ButtonDuring the fall and spring semesters, students worked with the Muncie Arts and Culture Council to plan ”That One Micro-cinema” screening series and the “That One Film Festival.” These projects are dedicated to screening and exhibiting works of the “moving image” that are experimental, weird, obsessive, no or low budget, avant-garde, and fun. That One Micro-cinema launched in Fall 2019 by inviting two filmmakers to Muncie to present solo screenings of their work, which allowed students to learn how to professionally screen film for a public audience. This semester, they planned a festival that was to take place over two days in April 2020. Students participated in a variety of event creation activities, including the development of a submission and review process in which they and community members reviewed 275 film submissions. They invited two recognized filmmakers to participate as “jurors” and developed marketing and promotional items, visual content, a website, press materials, publications, sponsorships, and professional relationships. The students and their partners have tentatively rescheduled the film festival for September 11-12, 2020.

Faculty Mentor: Maura Jasper, School of Art

Community Partner: Muncie Arts and Culture Council 


Using documentary-storytelling techniques in an effort to boost diversity recruitment among minority populations in volleyball in conjunction with First Point Volleyball Foundation

Student Team: Jacob Clouse, Clayton Easton, Hannah Gunnell, Adrienne Heckler, Jacob Helmen, Connor Hillestad, Colton Howard, Joel Johnson, Gabrielle Mitchell, Zachary Platt, Daniel Wood, Erin Drennan-Bonner, Rachel Hayre-Edwards, Jacob Newell Parker Swartz, Elijah Yarde


Volleybal Vimeo ButtonBoys’ and men’s volleyball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. In this project, students designed and produced a documentary that chronicles the challenges and successes of diversity recruitment of minority populations into volleyball, a sport historically dominated by white players. Working with the nonprofit organization, First Point Volleyball Foundation, the students interviewed prominent coaches and players who have spearheaded this diversity-recruitment effort. The students used ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary-storytelling formula with the intent to submit the finished product to professional media outlets in addition to the partner’s website and social media sites. The project provided BSU students with a unique opportunity to practice their strategic communication skills on a national stage.  


Faculty Mentor: Adam Kuban and Jennifer Palilonis, Department of Journalism

Community Partner:  First Point Volleyball Foundation