Computer Science for Middle Schoolers

Student Team: Sara Bailey, Luke Betts, Ben Bishop, Chris Bucker, Corbin Creedon, Gwyn Hultquist, Dakota Savage, Joe Schmidt, Madison Turley, Brian Walker, Sean Wolfe

CS4MS Youtube ButtonDiversity is essential for the future success of Computer Science (CS). Still, few students experience CS in elementary, middle, and high school. As a result, they are less likely to know what it means to be a computer scientist, or if they have any interest in becoming one. Although Indiana recently adopted new CS standards for K-12, most local schoolteachers have little or no experience teaching these new topics. The focus of this multi-year project was to introduce middle and high school students, particularly underrepresented minorities and females, to CS and Computational Thinking (CT). The project team researched the specific needs of the three schools, accumulated instructional resources, and developed modules that met the new Indiana standards. When not developing materials, the project team spent time in classrooms delivering content and assisting teachers with their students' questions. In addition to increasing the number of schools and age groups involved, this year's class also updated online teaching resources created by last year's team. The school administrators and teachers planned to utilize the versatile materials during the school year, after school, during extended breaks, or over the summer, based on the students' needs. 

Faculty MentorDave Largent, Associate Lecturer, Computer Science
Community Partners: Northside Middle School, Burris Laboratory School, Muncie Central High School


Preserving the Past and Looking Toward the Future: Historic Preservation and Digital Storytelling for a Muncie Landmark Church

Student Team: Scott Anderson, Nathan Guide, Abigail Huff, Elli Mott, Zach Neitzel, Avonlea Schnitzius, Cameron Toner


St Mary Youtube ButtonChurches play a significant role in the lives of Muncie residents, and every church has a story worth preserving. St. Mary Catholic Church located on West Jackson, held its first mass on December 8, 1930. Then, the parish had 100 families. Today, the church campus has grown and the  community is now made up of approximately 700 registered families. Although the parish has kept an extensive collection of historical records, photos, and other memorabilia dating back to the 1930s, many of their stories had gone untold. The goal of this year-long, immersive project was to assist St. Mary Church with a variety of storytelling initiatives. Students conducted interviews, filmed and produced a series of seven short videos covering topics such as the grounds, the stained-glass windows, and church architecture.  The students are also publishing a photo book that incorporates augmented reality so that the photos can tell stories of their own.


Faculty Mentor:  Peggy Fisher, Associate Teaching Professor, Communication Studies

Community Partners: St. Mary Catholic Church



i-Made (Indiana Made) Muncie: Custom Fabricated Design-through-Production

Student Team: Craig AdamsJacob BurrisSchyler CerqueiraCaleb DavisTorey Dunn, Mitchell Geis, Jessica Franke James Harris, Nick Kiefer, Daniel KlemenJoseph Koslow, Scottie Manners, Rhiley McIntire, Al Mitchell, Austin Obermeyer, Emma OckenSteven PolchinskiLandon Underwood, Cole Walters, Olivia Zepp


iMade Youtube ButtonOver the past three semesters, students and industry partners used "design-through-production" methods to prototype and assemble full-scale design solutions for area non-profits. Some of the products developed, fabricated, and constructed included benches and other structures for Minnetrista's campus and farmers' market. The students also redesigned the courtyard area at the MadJax location downtown. These improvements will benefit the entire community as Minnetrista and MadJax continue to play a central role in cultural enhancement for the City of Muncie.  


Faculty Mentor: Kevin Klinger, Associate Professor, Architecture

Community Partners:  Minnetrista Cultural Center, MadJax, and Midwest Metals, and the Indiana Hardwood and Lumberman’s Association