Spring 2019

Cultural Identities and Community Engagement 

In this project, students will explore the intersectionality of cultural identities, history and impact of structural racism, positionality of race, and strategies for promoting inclusion and civic engagement through family and history research, presentations, oral storytelling, and/or the development of traveling exhibits. Students will work along with community members to develop and administer Talking Race Human Library in Muncie, Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Indianapolis, using the Facing Racism book as a resource.The course is designed as an interactive seminar to foster student discussion, discover family histories, and promote community involvement. The course is constructed from curriculum developed in the community program; It is Well With My Soul. This course will meet on five Saturdays throughout the semester (1/26, 2/16, 3/16, 3/30, and 4/20) from 9am to 4pm. You will earn 3 credit hours in EDAC 698. Undergraduate students with 90 credit hours and 3.0 GPA can enroll in this course.

For more information, contact Dr. Ruby Cain, Department of Educational Studies. Apply now

Dance! Muncie After School

Interested in dance? Childhood education? Community engagement? Be a part of the DANCE! Muncie After-School project this spring. Join Ball State Dance majors in this real-world, hands-on teaching experience in Muncie Community Schools. 

Under mentorship from Ball State faculty, Dance Education Laboratory Ambassadors, and an Indianapolis Public School professional, students will work together to bring dance education to the Muncie Community Schools. The immersive team will conduct research and develop dance curriculums for grades 1-4, implement curriculums in Muncie Community Schools, and disseminate findings through presentations and a curriculum handbook. Upon completion of this project students will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance and power of dance in young lives, will be well-versed in effective teaching methods, and will have developed strong collaborative skills; students will earn academic credit. Those majoring in dance, theatre, elementary education, or kinesiology are strongly encouraged to apply. All students are welcome, if you would like to develop or hone your strengths in curriculum development and teaching in public schools, this class is for you! 

For more information, contact Melanie Swihart, Department of Theatre and Dance. Apply now!

Developing Healthy Neighborhoods

Many neighborhoods throughout Muncie are working to make the places they live great.  With a little support and guidance, their efforts can also contribute toward making the places they live a little healthier.  In this immersive learning project, students will help community members develop a Healthy Neighborhood designation program to promote better overall health and wellness in Muncie neighborhoods. Undergraduate students with backgrounds in  Urban Planning, Kinesiology, Marketing, Telecommunications, and Communications should apply.

For more information, contact Jane Ellery, School of Kinesiology.  Apply now!

Energy Assessment for Small Companies

Interested in energy assessment for buildings? In this immersive energy assessment course, you will receive instruction in current assessment techniques, then use tools and equipment to assess energy utilization in small commercial buildings in partnership with business professionals. After learning the proper role and methodology of each tool, the collected data will be turned into readily understandable remediation information for the building owners. The class will then investigate the feasibility of the suggested measures along with the long-term financial return. This is a one credit hour elective course in CM 299X.

For more information, contact Dr. Sherif Attallah, Department of Construction Management and Interior Design. Apply now

Healthy Moms, Healthy Communities: Understanding Perceptions & Evaluating Maternal Opioid Treatment in Muncie

In the United States, opioid prescription fills and subsequent use are on the rise, particularly among pregnant women.Opioid-addicted women, however, face numerous obstacles in receiving care. These obstacles are shaped by cultural and environmental factors surrounding them, such as access to transportation, and community-wide stigma that often exacerbates addiction. In this immersive learning project, students will work with a community partner to learn about the opioid epidemic in the Muncie community. Students will conduct interviews with community members, learn how to analyze qualitative data, and develop an educational product to inform the community on the opioid epidemic among pregnant women in Muncie. Undergraduate and graduate students with backgrounds or interests in Anthropology, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Women and Gender Studies, and Communications should apply.

For more information, contact Caitlyn Leonardson-Placek, Department of Anthropology. Apply now

Measuring and Reporting Sustainability

Sustainability reporting is a strategy for monitoring and improving an organization’s environmental, social, and economic progress toward sustainable development goals. Thousands of multinational companies use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards to publicly disclose their goals, successes, and challenges. For seven years, teams of students have collaborated with Ball State’s Council on the Environment and a host of administrators, faculty, and community members to prepare sustainability reports for Ball State. By the end of this project, members of these student teams were well-versed in the process, metrics, and GRI framework for sustainability reporting.

Be a part of the team that prepares Ball State's 8th sustainability report during spring of 2019. Undergraduate and graduate students with interest in sustainable development, energy and material flow, organizational change, social equity, or those with expertise in journalism, writing, accounting, photography, or graphic and publication design should apply. Students will earn 3 credits in SUST 330.

For more information, contact Mary Annette Rose, Department of Educational Studies. Apply now

Muncie MicroCinema

Muncie MicroCinema is a new immersive learning course taking place this Spring, and working with the Muncie Arts and Culture Council and PlySpace gallery in downtown Muncie. We are seeking students who are interested in film, video, experimental moving image, art administration and graphic design to help create a new screening series and to begin work on the next installment of That One Film Festival. Students in this course will create a mission and identity for the screening series, identify filmmakers who will be invited to screen work, produce 2-3 public screenings in the Spring with filmmakers present, and create updates to The One Film Festival's visual identity and social media presence as they prepare for the next festival in 2020. The class will meet MW 4:00-6:45 (and additional meeting times during the week with community partners as needed.)

To learn more about That One Film Festival and the films and artists that will be part of the Muncie MicroCinema, please visit That One Film Festival.

For more information and to apply, contact Maura Jasper, School of Art.

Philosophy for High School Students

Interested in big ideas? In blowing minds? Excited about promoting critical thinking and discovery in young people? Or are you interested in website design and content creation? Like to research and problem solve? Philosophy, which encourages students to ask questions, look at familiar things in new ways, listen to one another, and examine their own beliefs and positions, is a fantastic way for high school students to learn about themselves and the world around them. It also helps them prepare for their futures in a complex, ever-changing world.

Students in this immersive learning class will divide and conquer to learn about best practices in philosophy education for high school students, run a high school philosophy club at Muncie Central, plan and host an innovative philosophy conference for high school students across the state to be held at Ball State, and create resources for high school students interested in philosophy. We are looking for a wide variety of students with interests and skills in research, problem-solving, and outreach. If you are interested in educational equality and offering new experiences to diverse groups of students, this is the class for you. All majors and years welcome!

For more information and to apply, contact Dr. Sarah Vitale, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.