Guidelines for Immersive Learning Student Advisory Board


The primary role of the Immersive Learning Student Advisory Board is to bring a student perspective to Ball State’s immersive learning priorities, events, and initiatives. This diverse group of representatives is led by a volunteer chair, selected by the committee, who will assist the Office of Immersive Learning in scheduling meetings, developing agendas, and leading discussions. The Immersive Learning advisory board serves to offer recommendations and is not a governing (decision-making) body.

The Immersive Learning Office will make a call for applications during the spring semester of each academic year. Student advisory board members are selected from a pool of nominations put forth by various campus units, but students may also self-nominate. Immersive Learning staff will interview top candidates as a part of the selection process.


The nomination process is currently closed.


Immersive Learning Student Advisory Board responsibilities fall into three categories of activity:

1. Serve as a student leader that assists in advancing the mission of Immersive Learning at Ball State:

  • Represent the views, opinions, and concerns of the student body.
  • Give input on proposed policies and procedures related to student participation.
  • Provide feedback on ways to increase diversity and inclusion in immersive learning offerings.
  • May serve as a student representative on additional committees including, but not limited to, the Provost Immersive Learning Grant review committee.

2. Serve as an immersive learning resource for students in your college.

  • Engage in peer conversations on how to improve immersive learning programming on campus.
  • Help promote immersive learning opportunities to other students.
  • Answer student questions at immersive learning events.

3. Share knowledge of immersive learning with various audiences and stakeholders.

  • Attend immersive learning events such as the Immersive Learning Showcase, Faculty Awards receptions, or faculty training.
  • Represent immersive learning during Preview Day events.
  • Respond to media requests or find students in your college who will share their story


Member Requirements:

To remain on the board, students must:

  • Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA during the appointment and remain in good standing with the university.
  • Attend two, 1.5-hour board meetings each semester.
  • Serve as an immersive learning ambassador for at least one Immersive Learning event each semester. A list of events will be made available at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Make themselves available to listen to student views and concerns.
  • Actively participate on the board as a student representative.

Nomination Process:

The Immersive Learning Student Advisory Board Nomination Form will go live each spring semester and will require the following elements.

Preferred Phone Number       
Preferred Email Address
Major and Department
Credits Completed
Grade Point Average
Grade Classification
A letter of support from a faculty member or advisor

Why should the nominee be selected for the position?
Please provide names of Immersive Project(s) worked on.
What other groups is the nominee involved in?
What are the nominee’s future goals?

Two representatives will be chosen from each college and will serve up to two-year terms. Students will receive an evaluation letter at the end of year one documenting their participation. Selected students will be assigned one or two-year terms based on the student’s availability, projected graduation date, and other factors that will be discussed with appointees. A student transcript is required for this application. You can request a hard copy transcript that can then be scanned. For more information on transcripts, visit here. You can also get an unofficial transcript through degree works, or a sponsoring faculty member can print a copy off for you.