Provost Immersive Learning Grant Application

Ball State University’s Office of the Provost and Office of Immersive Learning are pleased to accept proposals for new and continuing immersive learning projects.

A project is considered to be "immersive" if the proposed scope of work solves a problem or fills the needs of a community partner. Please review definitions embedded in the grant application. If you have further questions, please contact Suzanne Plesha, director of faculty support and assessment, in the Office of Immersive Learning.

How to Apply

To apply, please be aware of the following:

  • Proposals for immersive learning projects to begin summer 2019, fall 2019, or spring 2020 are due 5 p.m., Monday, February 4, 2019.
  • There will be a separate call for proposals in October for projects to begin spring 2020, summer 2020, and fall 2020. 


Fill out the online submission form using link above. You will be asked to create a personal account and have the option to return to the form as many times as needed. Be sure to click "save" after each addition or edit, and click "submit" when the application is complete. Both buttons are located at the bottom of the form.

Proposal Guidelines

  • Fill out the online form as completely as possible. Most fields on the form are required. Mark "N/A" for those that do not apply.
  • Preference will be given to projects that are or could be a part of existing courses in the future.
  • Proposals must be endorsed and approved by the applicant’s department chair and college dean. The Office of Immersive Learning will contact chairs and deans for approval after a complete submission is received. Please notify your department chair and dean that this request will be forthcoming. 
  • To be considered, all proposals must be project-based and driven by undergraduate students. Immersive learning projects should culminate with the delivery and/or presentation of products in a manner consistent with the needs of the community partner.
  • Funds for graduate student support may be available, but the learning outcomes and project activities should be geared to undergraduate students. 
  • Please request travel funding that is only associated with completing project goals within the semester in which it is requested. The Office of Immersive Learning will consider requests for post-project travel (conferences, presentations, etc.) separately. For more information on this new policy, contact Suzanne Plesha
  • Interdisciplinary proposals involving multiple departments and colleges are encouraged. 
  • Projects involving international travel should include a letter of support from Dr. Mary Theresa Seig, Assistant Provost of International Programs. 
  • Projects requiring technical support and/or maintenance should include a letter of support from Brandon Smith, Director of Academic Project Support. 
  • Members of the Immersive Learning Advisory Committee, along with the President’s Fellows for Immersive Learning, are available for consultation on all projects. In the application, please provide the name(s) of all consultants contacted during the application process in the space provided on the form.
  • Proposals will be evaluated by a peer committee, which will make recommendations to the provost. Final funding decisions are made by the provost, in consultation with the associate provost for entrepreneurial learning. 
  • Faculty receiving funds are required to do the following according to OIL’s deadlines:
    • Provide a final or interim report at the end of the semester in which the project takes place.
    • Participate in OIL assessment programs. These programs change from semester to semester but to see an example, click here.  
    • Enter project information into the Digital Measures faculty activity-tracking platform.
    • Assist OIL in implementing student and partner surveys related to your project
    • OIL staff will assist faculty in completing the above requirements. Failure to complete these steps could result in frozen funds, delayed reimbursements, and/or faculty becoming ineligible for future funding under this program. For more information about these requirements, contact Suzanne Plesha.  

  • A faculty member can submit more than one proposal during a given call, but faculty can only receive funding for one proposal in an award cycle. If more than one proposal is submitted, the faculty member’s chair will be asked to rank the projects according to available department resources. If the review committee likes more than one proposal submitted by a faculty member, the committee will use the chairs’ input to determine which project will be funded.   


For a text version of the online submission form, click here for new or continuing projects.
For frequently asked questions, check here.
For information regarding stipends, buyouts, and overloads, check here.
For required assessment plan, check here.
To see examples of funded projects, check here.