Immersive learning faculty mentors direct teams of diverse, hard-working students to address the needs or challenges of a community partner. As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to put your teaching and research into action in an impactful manner by helping a business or nonprofit organization while strengthening your student team in the field.

The Office of Immersive Learning can provide support for your project in the following ways:

  • project planning
  • assistance identifying community partners and internal collaborators
  • proposal development
  • identifying sources of funding, if needed
  • student recruitment/course enrollment options
  • information about travel and purchasing procedures
  • assessment tools
  • assistance identifying research/presentation opportunities

In some cases, immersive learning staff can offer intensive project management services such as:

  • contract development with external partners
  • grant and budget management
  • support for travel and purchasing
  • technical support and equipment
  • publicity/showcase opportunities

Get Started on a Project

To discuss an immersive learning project idea or to receive assistance identifying a community partner, contact Jennifer Blackmer, Executive Director for Immersive Learning.

For guidance or assistance with immersive learning projects in your college, learn about the Immersive Learning Advisory Committee.

If funding is needed for your project and you want to apply for a Provost Immersive Learning Grant, please visit the grant application page. For information about this grant or other support services, contact Suzanne Plesha, director of faculty support and assessment.

For more in-depth projects, consider applying for a fellowship with the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry.