Designing an immersive learning project can feel daunting because there is so much to consider. For example, how does one find a community partner and negotiate a project proposal? What are some ways to keep a project manageable? How can I leverage this experience to advance my professional goals? What student learning outcomes are suitable for an immersive project, and what are some best practices for grading student work? Whether you are new to immersive learning or have been using this approach for some time, the Office of Immersive Learning provides online, in-person, and customized development options and tools to help you meet your immersive teaching goals. Here are some of the programs offered to faculty:

IL Training Mini-Course

Immersive Learning Online Mini-Course: Apply Now

  • FALL 2023 DEADLINE: October 13, 2023 Apply Now
  • SPRING 2024 DEADLINE: March 1, 2024 Apply Now
  • SUMMER 2024 DEADLINE: May 10, 2024 Apply Now

This online training walks instructors through the tools and support needed to create successful immersive learning experiences for their students. These training modules are delivered through Canvas over three weeks. They include templates, articles, and helpful tips for getting a project started, writing a proposal, working with external partners, and using assessment strategies and rubrics that make grading easier. We have also included information on the latest university policies and added tips for remotely teaching immersive learning.

NOTE: Future immersive learning faculty mentors will be required to take this certification before designating their course in Banner.

Upon completion of this training, successful participants will be able to:

  • define immersive learning and articulate its role as a high impact practice at Ball State
  • identify external community partners
  • create a comprehensive Immersive Learning Project Proposal
  • develop assessment strategies to measure student learning in an immersive course
  • recognize university policies that may impact the success of an immersive learning class
  • receive permission to designate a course as "immersive" in the Banner course-building system

Training participants must complete an online application and receive approval from their department chair to participate in this training. Tenure-line and non-tenure line faculty are encouraged to apply.

The Offices of the Provost, Vice Provost, and Immersive Learning are pleased to offer the Provost Immersive Learning Pilot and Sustained Course grant programs. If you are not familiar with these grants, Immersive Learning staff offer public meetings that walk you through the proposal and budget-writing process. You can find information on these upcoming grant forums on the Grants and Funding Page or in upcoming Comm Center announcements or on this tab.

Stay tuned for grant forums and information sessions during the next round of funding calls.

  • Special Topics Workshops - Throughout the year, the immersive learning office sponsors faculty development workshops on various topics. Past seminars have included transparency in teaching and learning, using rubrics for assessment and grading, project proposal development, community-engaged scholarship, student accessibility, and more. Please watch the website for the dates and times of future offerings. If you or your department would like immersive learning staff to provide a workshop customized to your needs, contact Dr. Jackie Grutsch McKinney for more information.

  • Project Management - Project management techniques enable faculty and student teams to break down a project into manageable chunks, move through the project in an orderly way, and anticipate potential pitfalls to make contingencies. It also enables everyone on a team to establish realistic goals and take steps to make those goals a reality. These workshops cover the basics of the Traditional Waterfall method and the Agile or Scrum project management process. Staff can offer these workshops for faculty only or in an immersive learning class for faculty and their student teams. If you are interested in scheduling a Project Management workshop, contact Dr. Jackie Grutsch McKinney for more information.

LEAP Indiana

Ball State is proud to be a part of the LEAP Indiana Faculty Collaborative. This organization is aligned with the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) states initiative, which advocates for campus action and research related to twenty-first-century liberal education. This Indiana-based faculty network is passionate about teaching and innovative pedagogies that prepare undergraduate students.

AAC&U’s agenda promotes teaching and learning approaches and techniques adopted by Immersive Learning faculty, including inclusive teaching, high impact practices, transparency in teaching, the use of the AAC&U VALUE Rubrics, and other innovative education methods.

As an institutional member, Ball State faculty can to participate in LEAP Indiana teaching and learning conferences, networking opportunities, monthly coffee hours, and other programs at minimal or no cost. To get information on upcoming events, go to