Health Education's mission is to assist students in reaching their personal and educational goals and removing barriers to learning. Part of our service mission is a strong outreach/consultation component oriented towards prevention, student development, and wellness.

A list of our outreach programs available for request are below. If you'd like a presentation, you can fill out our form to request a program. Please give two (2) weeks’ notice for programs to allow for adequate staffing.

If you would like more information about our programs, we can help you pick a program that best suits your group's educational needs. Also, if you do not see a program listed here that you are interested in having presented; we will attempt to accommodate special requests on topics focusing on other health and wellness issues. Please contact the health educator for assistance at 765-285-3773.

Alcohol Education
     Spin the Bottle
This fun and interactive game puts a new spin on alcohol education. Using a game wheel, users land on various consequences of alcohol abuse including violence, depression, and drinking and driving.

     Beat the Buzz
In this game show presentation, students use real game buzzers to answer trivia questions about alcohol prevention. Students will learn about the effects of alcohol on the body, unintended and intended consequences, and methods of harm-reduction to prevent unintended consequences.

     Eat Healthier BSU
Participants will learn the basics of nutrition and how to eat better on a college campus. This program can be adapted for groups who reside in residence halls or those who live off-campus. Fast, easy meals on a budget; healthy snacks; and cooking for 1 or 2 can be highlighted. If food samples are desired, the cost is the responsibility of the program requestor.

     Eat This, Not That
Participants will learn the basics of nutrition while being able to identify healthier choice options on- and off-campus. This interactive presentation allows for nutrition and food myths to be dispelled through the use of iClickers.

General Health
     Breast, Boobs, Bumps, and Beads
Participants will learn the basics of breast cancer development and techniques for conducting self-breast exams. Self-breast exam reminder stickers and giveaways are provided. This program is inclusive to all genders.

     What’s Going On Down There?
In this presentation, participants are encouraged to learn more about their bodies and to feel more empowered. The program presents information on the anatomy of the reproductive system while engaging the participants in learning more about preventative healthcare, PAP tests (smears) and pelvic exams, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and contraception in an inclusive and non-threatening atmosphere.

     Check Those Testes
In this presentation, participants are encouraged to learn more about their bodies and feel more empowered. This program covers preventive healthcare, testicular self-exams and genital exams, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and disease prevention in an inclusive and non-threatening atmosphere.

     Health Jeopardy
Through an interactive game show format with real buzzers, students learn about a variety of health topics. The game can be customized to cover general wellness and health topics or focus on alcohol and other drug consumption, men’s health, women’s health, sexual health, or nutrition.

     Good Night, Sleep Tight
This interactive program utilizes a sleep hygiene goody box to teach students about behaviors and practices that can either help or hinder a good night’s sleep. Participants will leave the program with ideas on how to improve their nighttime sleep and daytime alertness.

Sexual Responsibility
     Red Zone
The Red Zone is a six- week time frame at the beginning of the fall semester which is marked by an especially high incidence of sexual assaults on college campuses. While all students are at risk during this period, first year students tend to have a greater risk of victimization. The Office of Health, Alcohol, and Drug Education and the Office of Victim Services are available to present on sexual assault prevention, alcohol harm-reduction, and how to communicate consent in a 15-20 minute presentation to residence halls, student organizations, and classrooms in August and September during the “Red Zone.”

     Sexual Health Treasure Chest
This sexual health program covers sexually transmitted infections, sexual behaviors, and contraception in an interactive presentation. It uses the results of BSU’s most recent American College Health Association’s National College Health Assessment to look at BSU students’ behaviors and attitudes related to their sexual health.

     Sex in the Dark
In this interactive presentation, students submit anonymous sexual health questions that are answered in a non-judgmental and non-threatening atmosphere. This presentation is done in the dark to give students more privacy in asking sexual health questions. The program requestor can also have students submit questions prior to the presentation.

     These Boots Were Made for Knocking
In this interactive presentation that engages students through a number of activities that allows students to learn about different methods of contraception to prevent unintended pregnancy. Students will also learn the correct steps in using barrier methods to prevent pregnancy (i.e external (male) condom and internal (female) condom) while also learning about the importance of communication and the role communication has on consent.