The Office of Student Conduct administers the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, responding to allegations of misconduct and conducting outreach to the campus community on safety, security, and other issues important for student success. The policies and procedures below outline the appeal process and disciplinary actions one might face for violation of the code.

If you’ve been a victim of a crime or witnessed a crime, the Office of Student Conduct can provide you with valuable information about how and to whom to report it. We also post campus crime statistics and an annual security report for the entire community to view.

Alcohol Policy

When you choose to consume alcoholic beverages, Ball State encourages responsible practices and behavior in accordance with campus policies, the laws of the State of Indiana, and the City of Muncie. Our alcohol policy outlines the behavior Ball State expects of its students and the results of not complying with those rules and regulations.

Drug Policy

The use, abuse, possession, sale, distribution, manufacture, or transfer of narcotics, illegal drugs as defined by state or federal law, or any controlled substance is prohibited at all times, except as expressly permitted by law. Drug violations and consequences are explained within the student code.

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Sexual misconduct of any kind is inconsistent with the university’s values and incompatible with the safe, healthy environment that the Ball State community expects. Learn about your rights and responsibilities.

Good Neighbor Policy

The Good Neighbor Exception Policy provides students the opportunity for university disciplinary action to be waived if they risked revealing their own violation of the student code to seek medical or other emergency assistance to another person in distress.