At Ball State, we want you to have access to all of the information you need to make informed decisions about consuming alcohol. Several different entities of the university—including the Counseling Center, Health Education, and Housing and Residence Life—offer services that can help you obtain the information you need to deal with any issues that arise.

The Counseling Center offers group therapy and individual therapy if you’re struggling with alcohol and drug use. The substance abuse staff therapist can administer alcohol assessments and advise you on any treatment recommendations. The center’s Substance Abuse Prevention Outreach team conducts classroom presentations, screenings and information sessions throughout the year. During National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness week in October and National Alcohol Screening day in the spring, the Counseling Center distributes information and offers screenings. All year long, you can use an online assessment tool on the center’s Web site and find information for referrals.

If you violate the university’s alcohol policies or state law, you’ll be required to complete AlcoholEDU, a self-paced computer-based alcohol education program offered through Health Education. The office also offers BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screenings and Intervention for College Students), in which you can meet one-on-one with a health educator to discuss responsible use of alcohol

All Housing and Residence Life staff members receive special training that is focused on alcohol intervention strategies. If you live in university housing, you’ll be able to take advantage of alcohol-free events and programs and participate in several alcohol education efforts, including meetings to review the university’s alcohol policy and to focus on safety issues surrounding alcohol and other concerns.