When it comes to alcohol, you’ve probably heard some outrageous—and not so outrageous—comments from your friends. Because one of our goals is to make sure you have the facts to make good, informed decisions, we’ve compiled a list of some common myths and misperceptions that we hear from students as well as the facts that dispel them.

Fiction: It’s safer to drive home drunk than walk home because you’re more likely to get stopped walking home.
Fact: Do not drive while under the influence of alcohol. It is never safe, and it puts you and others at significant risk of not only getting ticketed or arrested, but also of causing a serious accident that could result in injury or death. Muncie and University Police make frequent traffic stops to check for drivers under the influence of alcohol.

Fiction: Police need a search warrant to enter a location where a party is happening.
Fact: Each case is different. In general, officers need only a reasonable suspicion that an alcohol law is being violated. University Police officers are trained to know the law and how to apply it.

Fiction: If you sell plastic cups rather than beer, you won’t get into trouble.
Fact: This defense is unlikely to stand up in court. Selling cups with the intention of providing alcohol is the same as selling alcohol. If you sell alcohol without a permit, you are breaking an Indiana law, and if you are arrested or cited, you will be subject to the university’s discipline process.

Fiction: If you’re under age 21, you can be kicked out of school for having a beer.
Fact: The university reviews each infraction on a case-by-case basis. If you are cited by university or Muncie police, whether on or off campus, you will face disciplinary consequences from the university. These consequences are based on the nature of the violation and the specific circumstances. Know that an alcohol conviction can jeopardize your admission to graduate or law school or even prevent you from entering professions that require licenses, such as teaching or nursing.

Fiction: If you are 21 years old but are drinking at a party that gets busted, you could be in trouble.
Fact: You will be arrested or cited only if you are violating a law. If you are consuming alcohol legally and responsibly and not violating the law in other ways such as selling alcohol without a license, providing alcohol to a minor, making excessive noise, or failing to comply with orders from a police officer, you will not face criminal charges. However, if the police must break up the party, you will likely be asked to leave.