Under Indiana law, it is illegal to: 

  • possess, consume, or transport any alcoholic beverage if you are under the age of 21
  • provide or furnish an alcoholic beverage to a minor
  • knowingly or intentionally encourage a minor to possess an alcoholic beverage
  • sell any alcoholic beverage without a license
  • become publicly intoxicated
  • provide alcohol to an intoxicated person
  • operate a vehicle (including a bicycle) if your blood alcohol content is .08 percent or higher

If you violate this law you not only face criminal charges including fines as high as $500, but you also will face disciplinary consequences from the university. An alcohol conviction can jeopardize your admission to graduate or law school or even prevent you from entering professions that require licenses such as teaching and nursing.

The university examines each case individually according to the type of violation and circumstances surrounding it. If a first violation puts you or others at risk, the sanctions may be more severe.

If the violation occurs in a university residence hall, the director of the residence hall handles the situation. If the violation occurs on campus in a location other than a residence hall or off campus, the Office of Student Conduct is in charge.

Typical consequences include:

  • disciplinary probation—from two months to the remainder of your enrollment
  • participation in an alcohol-education program
  • completion of a reflection paper
  • community service project
  • notification of your parents

If you violate the law again, you could be suspended from the university. 

If your first offense occurs in a university residence hall, you likely will have to complete an online alcohol-education program and have a follow-up discussion with a facilitator and others who completed the program. If you violate the law again, you will have to attend an 8-hour Prime for Life course, face disciplinary probation for 16 weeks, and the university will notify your parents. If you commit a third infraction you may have your housing contract canceled, your probation extended, and we may refer your case to the Office of Student  Conduct for further disciplinary action and the Office of Health, Alcohol, and Drug Education for an in-depth alcohol assessment.