Jeff Eads
Jeff Eads
Director for Industry Engagement


Room:AD 335

As the Director for Industry Engagement, Jeff Eads serves to engage and empower state regions and industry to build intentional talent pipelines that encourage Ball State students to consider them as an attractive place to live and work. Additionally, he helps those outside of the University to understand the strategic ways in which they can engage with Ball State to equip their current employees and organizations.

Jeff began working at Ball State in 2013 as an Assistant Director and career coach for the Career Center. In that role he guided students to think entrepreneurly about how to plan their education, both in and outside of the classroom, to achieve their career goals.

Serving as the liaison to the liberal arts programs, the Teacher's College and later the Miller College of Business, he provided professional development programing, which helped students build essential skills and social capital.

Jeff was promoted to Senior Assistant Director for Connecting Activities in 2015, where he provided a bridge between the Career Center’s student-facing professional development team and the industry-facing employer relations team. In that role, he strengthened pathways for employers and alumni to engage with University opportunities, including skills infusion programing, classroom engagement, and recruitment. He finished his time at the Career Center as the Associate Director for Employer Relations and Recruitment Programs, where he built upon his experience of intentionally connecting employers to the talented students at Ball State. He also led a high performing team which coordinated job fairs, interview days, and advised industry leaders in their recruitment strategy.

Jeff has a strong connection to Indiana having grown up in Madison County. He met his wife at Ball State University as a first-generation college student before continuing his education at Cairn University in the Philadelphia metro area. He currently lives in Muncie and is a proud father of four kids. One of which is currently a Cardinal.