Tree trails are available in PDF format. Download a PDF of all tree trails or select a trail from the list below.

Individual Trails

  • Red Trail: 24 trees. 0.77 miles. Begins at the northeast corner of Worthen Arena and circles several buildings including the Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center.
  • Blue Trail: 37 trees. 0.99 miles. Begins at the intersection of McKinley Ave. and Neely Ave. and continues around Bracken Library passing Frog Baby on return.
  • Yellow Trail:40 trees. 1.05 miles. Begins on the west side of Woodworth Complex and continues through the green spaces surrounding the eastern residence halls.
  • Green Trail: 45 trees. 0.85 miles. Begins on the east side of Cooper Science Complex and passes some of the largest trees and oldest buildings on campus. Visits Beneficence.
  • Orange Trail: 40 trees. 0.92 miles. Begins at the main entrance (north side) of L.A. Pittenger Student Center and loops around to Elliot Hall and Burris Laboratory School.

Tree Inventory

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