Mission Statement

The Ball State University campus provides a living laboratory for students, visitors and the local community to study in a natural and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Goals and Objectives

  • Continue professional protection and care for existing trees and shrubs; continue planting and removing trees and shrubs as needed to maintain a safe and diverse urban forest that promotes learning.
  • Utilize the latest technology to document and monitor species, size, location, and maintenance activities, and continue to keep the tree inventory current.
  • Continue university landscape management with a functional approach to screening, environmental balance, and aesthetic design. Utilize the knowledge of Landscape Services arborists and horticultural professionals to make management decisions in regards to tree maintenance and removal.
  • Create and maintain an advisory committee of university members to develop and review policies and procedures.
  • Create programs that provide education about the maintenance and growth of woody plant species and their proper use in the landscape.
  • Grow a diverse range of both native and non-native woody plant species that can be viewed for their natural beauty and utilized for learning, recreation, and to bolster energy and storm water conservation efforts. Create plant collections throughout campus to enhance study among related species and native/non-native trees.
  • Increase awareness of the Donate-a-Tree program which includes gifts of trees, memorial trees and donations for the forestation program.