The Building Maintenance area provides services for continuous maintenance and upkeep of the University's buildings and infrastructure. Shops within the building maintenance area are:

The carpenter shop is responsible for small renovation projects, installing plastic laminate countertops, hanging projectors, screens, plaques and chalkboards. They also do some custom cabinetry work when purchased units are not available or cannot be purchased to meet the user's needs.

The electric shop is responsible for maintaining the electrical systems on campus. Shop personnel are responsible for the maintenance of interior lights, receptacles, switches, etc. This shop also provides temporary power for special events on campus.

The electronics shop is responsible for maintaining all fire and security systems on campus, installing and maintaining card readers and providing temporary public address systems for events held on campus.

The key control shop is responsible for coordinating locks and keys for all locks on campus and installing and maintaining card swipe entry locks.

The paint shop is responsible for maintaining room finishes for campus. In addition it has the equipment to electrostatically paint furniture.

The plumbing and welding shops take care of repair and maintenance for all plumbing infrastructure on campus.

The sign shop makes and maintains all interior and exterior building signage, directional signage and assists in producing special signs as needed.