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Lynda online video library is now available both on and off campus

Welcome to the Ball State Lynda (.com) login page.  This is a free online learning service which is offered to all Ball State students, faculty and staff.  You must have a valid Ball State username and password to have free access.  Lynda offers up-to-date training videos with new titles being added as new applications become available. You will find over 1,100 online training courses from Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Blackboard, Corel, Google, Microsoft, and Open Source just to name a few.  These courses are available 24/7. 

The web-based video tutorials are available on your Mac or Windows computer.  If you have an iPad, iPhone, iPod or Droid, you can download a free app from the iTunes store or the Android Marketplace and view video tutorials on your device. You can use this free service to learn an entire application such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, or PHP, or you can use this free service to find an answer to a specific question about a software application that you are working with.  Choose a course and start learning today. 

Find Courses at Lynda:

A search bar appears at the top of all pages on the Lynda pages. You can filter the list by subject, subtopic, software, company, or author.  You can even search the entire library on a specific keyword to find all videos about that topic.  

On the homepage, you will also find video clips on the latest releases.  These clips are catorgorized by topic so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for. You don't need to log into Lynda to view theses video clips. 

The search area at the bottom has resources such as the monthly newsletter, blogs on a wide variety of topics, software titles catogorized by topic, software and most viewed courses.

What's New:

New video lessons are added every week.  Currently FinalCut Pro X and Motion have been added to the Lynda library. 

Keep Up to Date:

Add this website to your favorites to login to lynda (remember you must click on the image on this page to have free access).