The Ball State Campus Map App
The Ball State Campus Map provides students, staff, and visitors a unique companion that facilitates every facet of exploration on campus. Through leveraging Google Maps, we are able to identify buildings, attractions, and other interesting areas via touch or a directory lookup. The comprehensive directory contains everything from local coffee shops to the offices and phone numbers for various academic departments on campus. If you need to find a bus on a cold day or a place to get a refreshing drink on a hot one the Ball State Campus Map is the app for you.
The Ball State Recreation App
The Ball State Rec iOS, Android, and Windows App provides a simple stoplight functionality for people wishing to use recreation facilities. Weather you wish to avoid the crowds or be part of them it will tell you what areas are open and how busy they currently are. In addition to the ease of use provided to students via the mobile applications, administrators are provided a powerful web based tool that allows fast and easy monitoring for personnel, areas, and use statistics.
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS)
Ball State University's first expedition into Massive Open Online Courses was spearheaded by the Integrated Learning Institute (iLearn) with post-production support by Emerging Technologies and the Digital Corps. Thousands of students registered for these courses and were delivered an experience far different from most online learning. Gone were the dull lectures videotaped in front of a classroom or the professors sitting in front of their webcams. Instead, each lecture was treated like a film production, from intense on-location production to thorough post-production editing and effects. The result was an online learning experience unlike any other… visually crafted with the support of Emerging Technologies.
Indiana Statehouse IGA Viewer
Emerging Technologies improved upon LSA's IGA Viewer web app by updating the user interface with a modern design and improved functionally.  The web app was designed to help Indiana General Assembly legislators and staff consume legislature documents and processes on a variety of tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. The most prominent new feature was that each user could "favorite" bills or committees thus tracking their process during session through a Twitter like homepage.
Garfield App
In a creative collaboration with PAWS, Inc., the Digital Corps brought the Garfield comic strip to life in the form of a series of Garfield-themed mini games for iOS, each featuring one of the comic's main characters, Garfield, Odie and Jon.
Multi-User Touchscreen Technology (MUTT) 
All aspects of the Digital Corps come together with Ball State University’s first Multi-User Touchscreen Technology (MUTT). The Digital Corps MUTT offers an exploration of interactivity among multiple users in open, public space—all on one digital surface. With design, development, technology, and story telling, the Digital Corps MUTT combines all disciplines of Digital Corps students.  To create the touch interface, a 70-inch flat screen television was fit with custom cut glass and a frame with multi-touch technology from PQ Labs. Furthermore, the Technology Team built a custom PC powerhouse named Thor to persistently run the technology and operating system of the device. Finally, Digital Corps developers, designers, and storytellers are iteratively developing fun, innovative applications that you can only find on the Digital Corps MUTT. One step closer to the “parlor walls” of Fahrenheit 451, the Digital Corps is proud to bring you a unique and captivating community experience. Come check out the Digital Corps MUTT in the Ball Communications Building on the Ball State University campus and see for yourself!