What’s the difference between Emerging Technologies and the Digital Corps?
Emerging Technologies refers to the professional, full-time staff who are ultimately responsible for the artifacts that come out of our office. The Digital Corps refers to the student employees of Emerging Technologies.


What makes the Digital Corps students so special?
The Digital Corps students are unique for several reasons.

  1. We start with an external measure of knowledge by using internationally-recognized industry-standard certifications whenever possible to validate their knowledge.
  2. We train them in professional soft skills so that they have the opportunity to formally learn and practice the skills that make them impactful professionals the moment they graduate. These skills range from interviews to negotiation, pitching to client interactions.
  3. Every student must apply to be re-hired each year. This ensures that their portfolio, resume, contributions, certifications, and even GPA maintain the highest standards of excellence throughout their time as a Digital Corps employee.
  4. The Digital Corps uses a guild system. Everyone starts as an apprentice and has the opportunity to move up to master as he or she earns the certifications and demonstrates the proficiency required both in a craft and in client and team interactions.


What sorts of projects does Emerging Technologies do? 
In short, we’re usually the ones who figure out how to do something first whether it be a business process or applying a new disruptive technology to the classroom. Emerging Technologies does a wide array of projects ranging from mobile apps to short films to custom built physical creations and everything in between to serve this goal. Some of these projects we initiate ourselves to solve a problem we find, such as the original Ball State Campus Map and BSU Rec Services apps. Others, we are approached with a problem or a challenge and we work at it until it is done, such as helping the Indiana State Legislature go paperless. There are also numerous other projects where we assist and/or support in an uncredited role serving as everything from VIP technical support to trainers to consultants to last minute emergency problem solvers. Take a look at our portfolio to read more about our projects.


What are your alumni up to?

Where can I find your apps?
Most of our apps are distributed through Frog Baby Apps, LLC. Check out www.frogbabyapps.com.


What is Frog Baby Apps LLC?
Frog Baby Apps is the official mobile app distributor of Ball State University. It is designed to allow students and faculty to exercise collaboration, creativity, and innovation to generate real-life, revenue-generating mobile apps.