The Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support provides information about students, employees, programs, etc. at the University level within the University Fact Book and the Common Data Set (CDS). We also provide college-level fact books. Additional reports on degrees awarded; academic unit profiles; faculty FTE load; the frequency distribution of class sizes; enrollment by major, minor, certificate, and license; student credit hours (per semester and annualized); student course enrollments (per semester and annualized) provide information at the University, college, and department/school levels.

We also have made available student consumer information, which is mandated by the Higher Education Opportunity Act. Outlined on the site you will find information about services for students with disabilities, accreditation of the university and programs, financial assistance, Student-Right-to-Know (Graduation Rate) information, and health and safety information.

If you cannot find the items you are looking for, feel free to contact us.


Information on this page was updated January 11, 2019.