The Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support regularly administers a number of surveys to students and selected surveys to faculty and staff members. The results of these surveys help us to better understand our university community, including the areas in which the university is succeeding and those that need more focus which will lead to substantial improvements. Group comparisons, trends, and peer university comparisons are included wherever possible.

Below are the links to result summaries about some of our key surveys:

Alumni Survey

Assessment Notes

Coalition on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Survey of Tenure-Track Faculty Members

Community Engagement Impact Survey Report

Faculty Library Survey Report

First-Year Student Survey

Graduate Exit Survey

Graduation Rate Study

Graduation Rate Study Supplemental Report 2014

Graduate Student Survey

MAP-Works (first-year students, sophomores, and transfers)

Mission, Vision, and Values Survey

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Senior Survey

Student Campus Climate Survey Report

Time-to-Degree Summary Report

2011-2012 Retention Study Summary Brief

2011-2012 Retention Study Summary Report

University Core Curriculum (UCC) Assessment Reports

Withdrawing Students

Workplace Environment Survey
Responses to open-ended items were compiled separately and have been reviewed by the President and appropriate vice presidents. Due to the specific and personal nature of the opinions expressed in the open-ended responses, the responses will not be publicly released but will be used for internal deliberative purposes.


Information on this page was last updated 26 June 2018.