Course Sequence
The course sequence consists of five courses:
     1.   An institutional research course (3 credit hours)
     2.   A research methods course (3 credit hours)
     3.   A statistics course (3 credit hours)
     4.   An elective related to research methods or statistics (3 credit hours)
     5.   A practicum or internship in institutional research (3 credit hours)

Because students come from a variety of departments, the IR Certificate Program is designed to allow students to complete the research methods, statistics course, and research/statistics elective requirements within their own disciplines. The various course options are given below in the course listing.

Course Listing by Course Requirement Area  (3 credit hours each) 

  1. Institutional Research (ID 602)
    Interdisciplinary 602: Institutional Research
    See the most recent syllabus and assignments here.  
  2. Research Methods (choose one) 
    Counseling Psychology 653: Research Methods in Counseling Psychology and Guidance 
    Educational Psychology 640: Methodology of Educational and Psychological Research 
    Psychological Science 680: Research Methods in Psychology 
    Sociology 600: Sociology Inquiry 
  3. Statistics (choose one) 
    Educational Psychology 641: Statistical Methods in Educational and Psychological Research
    Educational Psychology 642: Intermediate Statistics 
    Sociology 682: Social Statistics 
    Sociology 684: Advanced Sociological Data Analysis
  4. Electives Related to Research Methods or Statistics (choose one) 
    Educational Studies 650: Introduction to Qualitative Research 
    Educational Studies 660: Ethnographic Research in Education
    Educational Studies 671: Evaluation of Educational Programs
    Educational Psychology 645: Survey of Advanced Research Methods and Statistical Designs
    Educational Psychology 646: Tests and Measurements
    Social Psychology 610: Social Psychology
    Social Psychology 640: Social Psychology of Attitudes
    Sociology 681: Survey Research Methods
  5. Practicum or Internship in Institutional Research. Courses listed below are housed within the academic departments as noted and may be used for a variety of internship or independent study opportunities. Students completing the IR Certificate Program may register for any one of the courses; however, only experiences that are approved by the IR Certificate Program Director will satisfy this specific requirement of the IR Certificate Program. These courses all require permission of the department and the IR Certificate Program Director
         Education: Adult and Community 699: Internship in Adult and Community Education
         Education: Higher 699: Practicum in Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Administration 
         Psychological Science 686: Applied Practicum 
         Social Psychology 695: Internship in Applied Social Psychology 
         Sociology 588: Internship 3: Field Experience

Curriculum Criteria  

  1. No transfer credit will be allowed.
  2. The certificate program must be earned on campus.
  3. Only members of the Graduate Faculty will teach courses included in the certificate program. 
  4. Students must achieve a 3.0 GPA in the certificate program to receive a certificate. 
  5. No course with a grade below a 2.0 can be counted toward a graduate certificate. 
  6. The student’s official transcript shall contain not only the listing of courses taken in this program, but will also indicate successful completion of the program. 
  7. Students will receive a printed certificate acknowledging their completion of the program.