Activity Insight is a secure, easy-to-use online database for collecting information about faculty achievements such as teaching, research and publication, and service and engagement. The software is produced by the Digital Measures company, which is also the vendor for Ball State's student course evaluation software product, Course Response. DM Activity Insight provides a source for appropriately authorized individuals to run both pre-formatted and ad hoc reports.

Several alternative software tools were reviewed by the College of Applied Sciences and Technology, the College of Architecture and Planning, and the Miller College of Business. Alternative vendors or in-house development of an equivalent application were considered, but DM Activity Insight offered the best combination of comprehensiveness, ease of use, and customization options. DM Activity Insight is used within a large number of leading universities in the United States. Clients contacted at peer universities gave positive reports.
Benefits of DM Activity Insight include:
  • Connecting faculty membeers with external constituents in need of specific talent or expertise--schools, business, industry, government, and health and social service agencies--to solve real problems and generate new knowledge
  • Fostering the maintenance of institutional history based on faculty responsibilities and accomplishments
  • Clarifying and communicating to internal and external audiences the university's role and contributions as an institution of higher education
  • Broadly conveying the diverse roles and value of higher education
  • Saving paper and associated copying and mailing effort

More information is available on the DM Activity Insight Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Definitions of Immersive Learning, Outreach and Engagement, and Service Learning are available here to assist in reporting.