In addition to the services we provide, we have several assessment resources available, including an assessment workbook. We also sponsor an Assessment Forum once a year, and publish the Assessment INsights newsletter once a semester. 

One of the major initiatives sponsored by this office is a faculty summer assessment grant program each year. Reports on the summer assessment grants are submitted to this office at the completion of each assessment grant project, and copies of those reports are available on this site.

Summer Assessment Grant Reports

The Blackboard Outcomes Assessment (Bb OA) application is available as a tool to faculty and staff members for assisting with assessment project. A Bb OA 101 document with background and frequently asked questions is available here. Contact the Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness at 765-285-5974 or to obtain access to the Bb OA goals manager, rubric manager, and assessment manager roles. It is important to enter learning goals into Bb OA in a specific format; see an explanation and examples of setting up goals here.  OIE and iLearn offer a series of workshops on Using Bb OA for Assessment in the Major; workshop handouts (part onepart two, and instructor role) are available here.  A slide presentation on Using Bb OA for Assessment in the Major is also available here.  Bb OA is predicated on the idea of collecting student assignments digitally in Blackboard (see explanation here) and aligning them to learning goals (see explanation here).

We offer workshops to faculty and staff members on a variety of assessment topics.

We also offer books that can be borrowed, an assessment workbook, and a page of online assessment resources.

The workbook helps academic departments design an assessment plan. If your department is planning on doing an assessment in the near future, we encourage you to look at the workbook for help. The workbook also outlines different methods you can use for taking surveys. 

If you would like to schedule a meeting with someone to discuss an assessment your department is considering, please contact the Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness' Office at 765-285-5974.


Information on this page was last updated July 14, 2016.