Learning Management Systems (like Blackboard and Canvas) are being used in more campus and online courses than ever before. Please consider whether the material you add to your LMS site is accessible to all students. If you record lectures or have video content, check to see if captions are included. Please purchase captioned materials whenever possible. If you use a digital textbook, check with the vendor to make sure that it is screen reader compatible.  


If you use Blackboard and a student needs extended time for an exam, there are two ways you could do this.

A) If you do not choose Force Completion for your exams, you can simply permit the student to continue taking the exam for the extended time. Please let the student know this and advise that a prompt will still pop-up saying that the time has expired. The student must then hit “Cancel.” The prompt disappears and the student can proceed with their extra time.

B) The other option is to set Adaptive Release settings for the specific student. Here is the new way to set the Adaptive Release settings in Blackboard 9.1 SP 13:

  1. In the Test Options, the timer must be set for the exam.
  2. Then scroll down to Test Availability Exceptions.
  3. Click on Add User or Group.
  4. From that screen, you can check the box next to the specific student. If you have multiple students needing extended time, you can choose them all at once. Then click OK.
  5. The student(s) should now show up under Test Availability Exceptions. From there, you can add the extended time under the Timer heading.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page & click Submit for the changes to take effect. 



If you use Canvas and a student needs extended time for an exam, follow the instructions below.

  1. Login to the Canvas course page and select Quizzes from the left panel.
  2. Select the quiz to be edited and then choose the Moderate This Quiz link in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Locate the student to be given additional time and then select the Pencil/Edit button near the student name.
  4. Enter the number of minutes of additional time in the box for extra time, then press the save button. 

Joel Whitesel from iLearn (jawhitesel@bsu.edu; 765-285-7200) can assist with this if needed.


Additionally, a good practice would be to make sure any announcements posted to your LMS site are also emailed to students. Blackboard and Canvas both have ways to email announcements. Announcements could also be spoken aloud in class if used in an on campus course.