Given the rapid increase in the use of technology and media in Ball State courses both online and in the classroom, this page was created as a resource to ensure that students with disabilities have full access to the technologies being used. This work is especially important given recent cases in which postsecondary institutions have been sued by students and/or disability advocacy groups or investigated by the Office for Civil Rights due to lack of access for students with visual and hearing impairments. 

With Ball State’s long-standing tradition of being a “disability-friendly” institution, it is imperative that we be proactive in providing an accessible learning environment for all students. Faculty and the vendors that faculty use for the delivery of online courses are not intentionally offering inadequate access, but rather they are unfamiliar with the difficulties that some products pose for students with disabilities.

Below are links to resources for online accessibility, including Mediasite presentations recorded to provide more information. Please contact DS if you have questions about whether or not your digital content is accessible to all students. Disability Services can refer to the appropriate office on campus to assist you with accessibility issues.

Learning Management Systems

Additional Resources

Mediasite Presentations