Steps Involved for Receiving Accommodations from DS

1. Disclose your disability to the office of Disability Services (DS). This can be done by contacting the DS office (Student Center 116; 765-285-5293;  Every undergraduate admitted to Ball State by the Office of Admissions will receive a Self-Disclosure for Disability Form with his or her admittance packet. Undergraduates who would like to disclose a disability should fill this form out and return it to DS.  Graduate students or students taking distance education courses can simply contact DS to disclose a disability.  Though it is best to disclose a disability prior to starting classes, students may disclose a disability at any point during their time at Ball State.

2. After the student has disclosed a disability, DS will ask for documentation of the disability. If needed, DS can give the student a Verification of Disability Form that is to be completed by the appropriate licensed professional and returned to DS.

3. We will review the documentation and determine the following:

    • Does the student's condition rise to the level of a disability as defined in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (amended in 2008)?
    • What are the functional limitations of the disability in an educational setting?
    • What, if any, accommodations would be reasonable and appropriate for the student?

    4. We will notify you as to whether the documentation submitted is sufficient or if more information is needed.

    5. DS will meet with the student if the student would like to receive accommodations.

    6. If the student would like to receive accommodations, DS will produce letters for the student to give to his or her professors. These letters will verify the disability and list reasonable accommodations.  For online courses, at the student’s request, DS staff will email the student’s professors to indicate the needed accommodations.

    7. It is then the student's responsibility to deliver these letters to his or her professors and discuss the listed accommodations with the professors.

    8. If a student has problems relative to the provision of accommodations, the student should contact DS.

    9. In subsequent semesters, the student needs to contact DS if s/he would like to have letters for his or her professors. DS will not assume that the student will need these letters.