Ball State University offers the following help to students with disabilities in the areas of parking and transportation. Further information can be found at the Parking Services.

Permits may be given to students with disabilities who cannot get to their classes or work site without specialized parking opportunities. Spaces are limited, so please consider your needs carefully when applying for these permits.

Disability Parking Permits allow the holder to park in Red, Green, and Yellow lots with designated accessible parking spaces (signs with international access symbol) as well as in whichever parking zones your permit allows. You should apply for a disabled parking placard or a disabled registration plate from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Take the certification that comes with the placard (to verify that it was indeed issued to you) or the license plate registration, along with your Ball State Identification Card to the Ball State Office of Parking Services for the issuance of a Ball State Disabled Parking Permit.

Temporary passes can be made available to students who have valid Ball State Parking permits and documentation of a temporary medical condition. This permit is issued for a period of time not to exceed one semester. It enables a person with a temporary mobility impairment to park in any disability designated parking space. The Health Center, Parking Services, or Disability Services may approve the issuance of this permit.