This page is designed to serve as a guide for notetakers and students using notetaker services. This guide will outline policies and procedures concerning notetaker services for students with disabilities. Notetaker services are administered by the Disability Services (DS) office. If you have any questions or concerns about information listed on this page, please contact the DS office.

General Job Description
The notetaker will take notes of classroom lectures, class discussions, and other oral and written communication by instructors and classmates for students with a disability which prevents them from taking adequate notes. Because each disability is different, and because each student has a different style and personality, the notetaker may have to adapt his/her approach to fit the needs of the student with the disability. If requested by the student and mutually agreed upon by the student and the notetaker, the notetaker may use time outside of class for clarification or review of the notes. DS staff must also approve the outside of class review time. Please note that this time is NOT to be used for writing or typing papers for the student, doing homework with the student, assisting with research, etc. If in doubt about appropriateness, contact the DS office.

Expectations of Notetakers
The notetaker is expected to do the following things regarding the provision of notetaking services:

  1. Get the name and email address of the student for whom you will be taking notes.
  2. Contact the student to determine how you will get him/her the notes. Most students email the student the notes.
  3. Arrive for each notetaking assignment on time.
  4. Get the notes to the student in a timely manner. If the student misses two or more consecutive classes without notifying you, bring the notes to the DS office (see Absence Policy below).
  5. If there are problems or concerns, talk with the student. Contact the DS office if problems persist.
  6. Read the expectations for students with disabilities. Do not allow the student to continue with inappropriate actions.

Expectations of Students Who Use Notetakers
If you want the DS office to assist you in finding notetakers, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Notify DS via e-mail of notetaking requests at the start of each semester. DS will then try to find notetakers for you in the classes that you request.
  2. Determine with the notetaker how you will get the notes (most students photocopy the notes or have the notetaker email the notes).
  3. If you are going to be absent from a class, contact the notetaker in advance. See the Absence Policy below for further information regarding attendance.
  4. If it is physically possible for you to take notes, then do so. This helps to keep you focused on the class.
  5. If there are problems or concerns, talk with the notetaker. If the problem persists, contact DS.
  6. Be familiar with the expectations for your notetaker and hold the notetaker accountable.

Payment Process

  1. Pick up the job referral from Career Services. Bring this to the DS office.
  2. At this time you will also receive instructions on filling out the timesheet.
  3. Turn in the timesheet via email.
  4. Be sure to fill out direct deposit information and turn it into the Payroll office to receive payment.

Absence Policy
The following is the policy concerning the responsibilities of notetakers and students using notetakers when classes are missed:

When the student misses class-
Students: You should give your notetaker as much advance notice as possible of your absence. Either call or email your notetaker. If you miss two consecutive classes without informing your notetaker, the notetaker has been instructed to bring the notes to the DS office. The notetaking service will be suspended until you come to DS to pick up the notes.

For extended absences, notify your professors, as well as the DS office, and arrangements will be made on a case by case basis regarding whether the notetaker will continue to take notes during your absence and where you are to pick up your class notes. Repeated absences not related to illness or disability may lead to an alteration of notetaker services.

Notetakers: When the person for whom you take notes misses two consecutive classes without contacting you, please bring the notes to the DS office. You should share not notes again for that student until contacted by DS.

When the notetaker misses class-
Notetakers: As soon as you know that you will be unable to attend a class in which you take notes for someone, please notify the student for whom you take notes. If absences become frequent, the student (in cooperation with DS) reserves the right to replace the notetaker.

Students: When your notetaker notifies you that he/she will not be in class, it will be necessary for you to have a fellow classmate take notes for you that day. For times when your notetaker is not in class, you should have a supply of carbonless paper with you. This will allow you and the person who takes notes for you that day to have a copy of the notes. Carbonless paper is available in the DS office.