Students with disabilities are entitled by law to alternative testing arrangements that offer optimum testing conditions. The university's responsibility is to respond to a request for a test accommodation and to assure the measurement of a student's academic achievement, not the functional limitation caused by a student's disability. Faculty members may wish to handle their own accommodated testing. Primary consideration should be given to arranging a test so as to measure the student's acquired knowledge of the subject matter. To create a fair testing situation for students with disabilities you may need to consider supplying some or all of the following:

  • an accessible test site
  • special equipment (word processor, JAWS, etc.) 
  • readers or scribes
  • large-print or braille copies of tests
  • sufficient uninterrupted time
  • quiet test environment (hallways and reception rooms are unacceptable for tests)

The Office of Disability Services (DS) is charged with reviewing relevant medical and psychometric materials in order to verify a disability that qualifies for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Should a student approach you with a request for an accommodation (such as one listed above), indicate that you will be able to discuss that when the student has presented you with a letter from DS.