In support of our mission, and in conjunction with the Strategic Plan for Ball State, DS will:

  • Enhance the ability of students with disabilities to understand how that disability affects the student in an educational setting and, with this understanding, learn how to be a better self-advocate;
  • Provide leadership on ensuring that disability is recognized as a rich part of the diversity fabric on campus through the involvement of students with disabilities on various boards and groups, guest speakers and special events, and presentations to various campus departments and offices;
  • Communicate effectively with pre-admission students and their parents, giving an open and honest evaluations of what accommodations might be available to that student;
  • Continually review relevant Court and Office for Civil Rights rulings concerning persons with disabilities as well as reviewing best practice models by membership in professional organizations and subscribing to a professional listserv and several journals; and
  • Measure the effectiveness of our work by setting challenging goals and assessing and evaluating our progress towards meeting these goals.