Below is a list of a few questions we are frequently asked by students:

Will the fact that I have a disability help or hurt me in getting admitted to Ball State?

Once I have been admitted to Ball State, how do I go about receiving accommodations for my disability?

What do I need to verify that I have a disability and receive services or accommodations at Ball State?

What documentation requirements does Disability Services (DS) have? 

I have an IEP that was used in high school. Will the provisions in it carry over to Ball State? 

Does Ball State offer any scholarships for students with disabilities?

Is Ball State’s campus accessible for wheelchair users? 

What services does Ball State offer to students who are deaf or hard of hearing?

How does Ball State make the printed word accessible for students with visual impairments?

Does DS offer any accommodations for students with psychological disabilities?

I have a learning disability (or ADD/ADHD), but I have not been tested for it since I was in elementary school. Will I need to be retested to receive accommodations at Ball State?

Does Ball State pay for evaluations or reevaluations of disability?

Does Ball State have a specialized program for students with disabilities?

Due to the nature of my disability, I feel that I will need a single room. What is the process for receiving a single room?

I have a condition (such as asthma/allergies) that makes me need a room with air conditioning. How can I get a room with AC?

How do I disclose my disability to my professors and ask them for accommodations?

Where and how is accommodated testing conducted?

Because of the nature of my disability I may miss some classes. What should I do?

Does Ball State, offer any services for students who have a temporary medical condition (such as a broken leg)?

What can I do if I feel that I have been discriminated against because of disability at Ball State?