The worlds of creativity and technology are constantly changing and adapting in new, exciting ways. The Digital Corps seeks to do the same: constantly change, adapt and grow in our thinking about innovation and discovery. With that in mind, we are always looking for eager students with a passion for technology to join the ranks of the Digital Corps. Good ideas can come from anywhere, so we never turn away talented candidates from any major or discipline. If you have a great idea, an eagerness to learn and collaborate, and want an unforgettable experience, then apply to join the Digital Corps.

Qualified candidates can apply for the Digital Corps by exploring the Cardinal Career Link and following the application instructions.

Students in the Digital Corps are hired as Apprentices, with the possibility of earning promotions in a guild-based system to Specialist and Master. To join the Digital Corps as an Apprentice, students need to exhibit a high degree of basic knowledge and enthusiasm for technology.

Promotions to Specialist and Master only occur after a student has spent time working as an Apprentice and met additional qualifications. These promotions are not automatic, and are rewarded based on the skills students have learned, work ethic, certifications, dedication and more.