The Digital Corps’ primary goal is supporting the academic interests of Ball State University as a contributing partner to the Office of Information Technology. Students in the Digital Corps are assigned projects that remain within the department, projects that support other IT initiatives, projects that benefit our academic partners, and immersive learning projects that involve partners outside the University. The breadth and depth of these projects vary widely based on the needs of our partners and clients. Some projects may be complete in a day, others last much longer. Some projects involve the work of a single Digital Corps student, others involve multi-disciplinary teams. A single small idea can often transform into a game-changing new approach to technology.

If you are interested in working with the Digital Corps, please contact the Digital Corps to discuss the possibilities.

Specialized Project Support

The projects that arrive at the Digital Corps from around campus are as diverse as the campus population - from geology and gender studies to the human performance lab and film studies. We’re fortunate to work with such a diverse campus that always provides interesting topics and projects for exploration. No matter the topic or the technology, the Digital Corps is interested in exploring new ways to engage the campus community.

Ongoing Support

Most partners visit the Digital Corps and walk away with a great solution to their digital dilemma. Occasionally we secure partnerships that are ongoing. These are partnerships where client needs are constantly changing, or we recognize that technology solutions are changing rapidly and we'll need to continually refine our approach.