Location - All contracts must be maintained in a readily accessible file in the office of the department or college that initiated the contract.

Administration - All contracts must be assigned to a staff person ("contract administrator") in the department or college who is the responsible person for performing or tracking the performance of the contract and addressing any other issues that arise under the contract.

File Maintenance - All contract files must contain a copy of the final, fully-executed contract and any and all correspondence or other documents related to the contract. The contract administrator should be responsible for maintaining a complete file, and for closing the file when the contract is completed and maintaining the file in a manner consistent with the applicable BSU records retention rules.

Role of the Contracts Office - The Contracts Office maintains a file for all contracts it reviews, but the primary file maintenance responsibility belongs with the college, department, division, or unit where the contract file is housed. The Contracts Office has established an internal contracts and transactions tracking system. The office logs in each request for review or other assistance with respect to a contract or a transaction.