Conference participants may purchase electronic meal cards to eat at on-campus dining locations. Two meal plans are available:

Traditional Plan

 Breakfast (until 10:30 a.m.)   $5.00
 Lunch (until 3:30 p.m.)   $8.80
 Dinner (until closing)   $8.80
 Total Daily Value   $22.60
 8% Tax
 Service Fee   $2.00 
 Total Cost (per person per day)          $26.41    

7% sales tax + 1% food and beverage tax

Unspent value does not "roll over" to future meals. The meal card can only be swiped in the reader once per meal period.

Debit Plan
Conference guests must be at least 12 years old to be eligible for the Debit Plan. The entire conference group must select the same meal plan option. The meal plan value is one lump sum to be spent at the discretion of the guest during the period of the conference. Additional value amounts may be requested. The meal card can be swiped an unlimited number of times per day, whenever the guest wishes to make a purchase. The amount of the purchase is deducted from the lump sum allowed for the conference. When no value remains, the guest must pay cash. No refunds will be made on missed or unspent debit allowances.

 Total Minimum Daily Value
 (additional amounts may be requested) 
 8% Tax 
 Service Fee   $2.00 
 Total Minimum Cost (per person per day)    $26.41  

7% sales tax plus 1% food and beverage tax

Ball State also charges a conference service fee to nonuniversity groups having an event on campus.