TO: Workshop Directors FROM: Kent W. Bullis, MD, Medical Director, Ball State University Health Center

On behalf of the Health Center, welcome to Ball State University. As you know, members of your workshop may require our services. I would like to share some observations and make some suggestions that may make your experience here more pleasant.

Most participants are not in regular ongoing physical conditioning programs. Workshops often call for performance and endurance beyond what the students are prepared for. We have observed that students tend to experience injuries more frequently in the late afternoon and early evening, and these injuries often seem related to fatigue.

As a program leader, you can help by insisting on adequate warm-up, cool-down, and rest periods for students in physically oriented programs. In all programs, observation for signs of fatigue such as inattentiveness, clumsiness, and irritability will help ensure a safe and enjoyable program.

I hope you and your group will have a pleasant and rewarding experience during your time at Ball State University. Please feel free to call or come by if we can be of assistance to you. Our phone number is 765- 285-8431.