Ball State University's Health Center provides outpatient health care for acute illness or injury for students participating in workshops, conferences, and camps on campus. If the illness or injury is of a nature serious enough to warrant care at a hospital facility, the parent will be notified of the Health Center physician's decision.

During regular Health Center hours, the designated guardian will be notified directly through the Health Center nurse or the physician. Workshop counselors will not be expected to contact parents or relay information of a health nature. For situations requiring close observation but not hospitalization, parents will be asked to arrange to pick up their child so they may continue care at home.

Adult Participants
Ball State's Health Center does not provide treatment for adult conference participants except in an emergency. Services may be obtained at the following places near campus:

  • Ball Memorial Hospital emergency room: 2401 W. University Ave., 765-747-3241
  • U.S. HealthWorks medical clinics: 3025 N. Oakwood Ave., 765-286-0862; or 3911 W. Clara Lane, 765-288-8800

There is a $40 charge for visits to see a physician or nurse practitioner through Ball State's Health Center. The Health Center does not bill insurance, but workshop attendees may request a receipt that they can use to bill their insurance company. The local hospital will make usual and customary charges for its services. Prescriptions may be filled through the Health Center's pharmacy or any local pharmacy at the prevailing charges.

Treatment Forms
A signed "Approval for Treatment" form is required for conference participants under the age of 21. These forms are supplied in advance to all conference coordinators. Each group coordinator is responsible for keeping these forms and having them available at any hour in case of emergency. Ball Memorial Hospital and/or other health care facilities may be needed after hours when the Health Center is closed.

University Police officers are not authorized to provide transportation to health care facilities. If transportation is needed to the Health Center or another emergency medical facility, University Police will notify the Delaware County Emergency Medical Service (EMS).