Have a development question, but don’t know who to contact or how to find the information you need? We can help!

Our Economic and Community Development Resource Guide is a comprehensive list of contact information for local, regional, statewide, and national economic and community development organizations and useful information resources available in the state of Indiana. We update it annually and offer it here for free. You can download the complete guide, or pick and choose from the sections listed below. If you prefer you can also now browse through it on the web; please see the links on the right. 

Complete Resource Guide PDF

To download the full Resource Guide and any of its sections in a convenient, printable PDF format, you will need the free software Adobe Reader

Download Complete 2015 Resource Guide 

Resource Guide by Section

County Map
Glossary of Terms

University Research Programs and Centers
Internet Data & Information Sources

State Government Resources:
Indiana Economic Development Corporation & Map of Regions
Office of Community & Rural Affairs & Map of Regions
USDA - Rural Development & Map of Regions

Regional Development Resources
Regional Economic Development Groups
Indiana Utility Companies & Agency Representatives
Small Business Development Centers
Regional Planning Councils/ED Districts

Other Agencies and Organizations:
National/International Agencies & Organizations
State Agencies, Associations, & Organizations
Local Development Resources
Local Economic Development Orgs.
Indiana Convention & Visitor's Bureaus
Indiana Community Foundations

If you have questions about the Resource Guide, would like to make a correction to contact information, or add an organization to our listing, please contact Jes Beals.