The Office of Community Engagement is organized around three aims:  

  Catalyze a culture of creativity, collaboration, and social responsibility among faculty, students, and community partners.
Our staff can help community partners, faculty, and staff find the right opportunities for collaboration. Learn more about our current work in Muncie/Delaware County at the Muncie Neighborhoods website or contact us to get started on your own project.
We also provide networking and professional development opportunities to help ensure and support positive, mutually-beneficial academic and community partnerships. Check here for upcoming events. 
  Calculate the impact of our collaborative work through data collection and evaluation.
Each year the Office of Community Engagement compiles data from across campus to report the university’s outreach and engagement activities. View data from academic year 2014-2015. We continue to pursue best practices in evaluation to ensure that Ball State’s involvement in the community produces positive impact for all stakeholders.   
  Celebrate successes both on and off-campus.
The Muncie Neighborhoods website, a collaborative effort between Ball State and the Muncie Action Plan, highlights projects and initiatives that are improving the quality of life in Muncie and Delaware County.