As an entrepreneurial university, Ball State places a high priority on encouraging its faculty, staff, and students to develop innovative solutions, ideas, and products that can benefit society.

University Resources:

Ball State offers many resources to help researchers and innovators bring their concepts to reality and/or the marketplace. The combination of two key units (Sponsored Projects Administration, Ball State Innovation Corporation) help to bring to the public the discoveries and creative works developed by faculty, staff, and students through University programs and resources. Through these activities, Ball State realizes its goal to foster engagement with local, state, national, and international communities, while rewarding authors, inventors, and their academic departments and units for their creative contribution.

Disclosure Process:

1. Submit an Intellectual Property Disclosure Form
To ensure that adequate protections may be secured for you as an inventor or author, your first course of action is to submit the University’s Intellectual Property Disclosure form. Even if you have no intentions of commercializing or further developing your potential intellectual property, the submission of this form serves as an institutional record which provides SPA and BSIC with essential information for identifying university-owned intellectual property, including inventions, discoveries, methods, and other patentable or copyrightable works.

Please click here to complete an IP Disclosure Form in Submittable. 
This form should be submitted prior to any publication or public disclosure of your work.

2. Contact from SPA/Referral
After submission and review of your Intellectual Property Disclosure form, Sponsored Projects Administration will contact you regarding the status of your potential intellectual property. If there is potential for the creation of intellectual property, SPA will refer you to the Ball State Innovation Corporation for further assistance regarding the development, licensing, or commercialization of your intellectual property.

If SPA determines that your potential IP was not created with the use of significant university funds, resources, and/or facilities, you are entitled to use your IP without further involvement from the university.