The Washington Center (TWC) for Internships and Academic Seminars offers undergraduate students and recent graduates the opportunity to intern and earn academic credit in Washington, D.C. It offers hundreds of internships and dozens of courses year-round for students of all majors.

Students who participate in internships at TWC choose a specialization to develop skills and gain experience through exposure to important social and political issues.

Participants gain experience in a real-world environment, learn more about their chosen field, and develop specific knowledge and skills. Internships are offered during the fall and spring semesters as well as the summer term. Upcoming dates and deadlines can be found on the TWC website.

Visit the TWC website for complete information about internship opportunities.

To learn more about participating in a TWC program, contact Kyndra Haggard, Ball State’s liaison to The Washington Center.

Contact Kyndra Haggard to schedule an appointment to discuss eligibility and the application process. Do not submit your application until you’ve received her approval.

To apply for The Washington Center (TWC) you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled at Ball State at the time of application
  • Have sophomore standing or higher at the start of the program
  • Show strong academic progress, maturity and motivation, and the capacity to pursue independent study
  • Have a GPA of 2.75 or higher (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis)
  • Receive approval from Ball State’s campus liaison to The Washington Center

A detailed checklist of application materials is available on the center’s website.

After your application has been submitted in its entirety (including letters and transcript), barring any complications, you’ll be notified that you have been accepted to The Washington Center. You’ll then work with a TWC internship coordinator to arrange phone interviews and ultimately secure an internship.

After You’ve Accepted an Internship Offer

It’s very important that you meet with Kyndra Haggard to arrange for your academic credit. You need to allow plenty of time before the end of the semester to meet with appropriate faculty or academic advisors in your department and complete the needed course credit paperwork.

After that paperwork is completed and course sections have been created for you, the final step is to register for the courses.

During a semester or summer at The Washington Center (TWC), students remain enrolled at Ball State and receive academic credit for their work. An intern working in either the fall or spring semester typically earns 12 hours of Ball State credit, but up to 15 hours may be earned. Summer interns usually earn six to nine hours of credit. Recent graduates (who participate in the Postgraduate Professional Development Program) receive no credit.

Credits are arranged through individual departments at Ball State—usually students’ major or minor programs and always with direct relevance to the internship experience and classroom topic. Applicants should work with Ball State’s campus liaison to decide which departments and departmental advisors will be able to grant the appropriate credits.

A specific faculty member at Ball State will be responsible for each course and the reporting of a grade for that course. This faculty member is considered the “professor of record” for the course.


Recommended grades and narrative evaluations are provided to Ball State’s campus liaison by the internship supervisor, classroom instructor, and TWC internship coordinator. The instructor of record to determine a grade for each course given credit through The Washington Center uses recommended grades and evaluations, along with the portfolio.

Grades and evaluations are sent to the campus liaison after the end of Ball State’s regular term. Applicants should advise their Ball State faculty to submit an “incomplete” for each course and then change the grade later.

Graduating seniors who participate in TWC during their final semester should arrange to have grades sent to the campus liaison before the end of the term to avoid any delays in graduation.


Ball State waives tuition for participants in The Washington Center (TWC), so costs are primarily based on TWC program and housing fees (which students pay through the Office of Student Financial Services at Ball State). Costs may vary based on a variety of factors, but a rough estimate may be determined by consulting with the campus liaison and the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Please note that scholarships and other financial aid awarded during a fall or spring semester at Ball State normally follow an applicant to The Washington Center, but they do not have the same value they would have on campus. During the summer, most scholarships and financial aid—such as a Presidential Scholarship or Pell Grant—do not follow an applicant to Washington.

Some scholarships are available through The Washington Center, usually to reduce housing fees. TWC fees do not include transportation to and from Washington, transportation within Washington (e.g., a Metro pass), or food.


Most interns live in TWC housing. Each apartment has two bedrooms (with two students per room), a living room, and a fully equipped kitchen. This facility is conveniently located near a Metro station and includes a wide range of amenities. It provides 24-hour-a-day security.