Policy and Procedure


Ball State University Printing Services is a cost recovery auxiliary that maintains an in-house graphic reproduction system dedicated to providing efficient, high quality, cost effective services for the campus community. Printing and related production services include all University printing, photocopying, typesetting, assembly and binding. Printing includes everything from the simplest short duplication to more complex printing requirements. Producing projects in-house helps ensure university branding standards are met; all jobs comply with copyright laws; and campus printing and copy facilities are utilized at the optimum capacity. As a dedicated high quality service center, Printing Services helps ensure that printing decisions are made in the best interests of the University and contributes to the overall financial health of the University.


All university printing jobs must be submitted to Printing Services to produce the job in house according to the department specifications. If Printing Services lacks either the equipment to produce the work or the ability to meet the deadline, Printing Services will direct the department to Purchasing Services when appropriate and also assist the department in its effort to have the job produced by an outside commercial printer. Departments may not contact commercial printers for quotes or estimates before the job has been reviewed by Printing Services as that practice is unfair to the commercial printers when Printing Services has the first right to determine if the job can be produced in house.

If a single print job is expected to exceed $15,000, then, in accordance with the University’s purchasing policies, Printing Services will coordinate with Purchasing Services to have the job competitively bid. Purchasing Services will manage the bid process and Printing Services will be included on the bid list. A department may offer suggestions for vendors to be included in the bid solicitation; however, Purchasing Services will retain the final choice of vendors to solicit. Outside bids received must be at least $500 lower than the BSU Printing Services pricing to be considered. Purchasing Services reserves the right to refuse any outside bid, when appropriate.

Departmental expenditures, including procurement card purchases will be routinely audited and monitored to ensure compliance with this policy. Employees in travel status may use procurement cards to purchase University business-related photocopying services.

Printing Services staff works collaboratively with Marketing and Communications to review and apply brand standards to print and copy materials. University personnel are encouraged to contact Marketing and Communications before preparing copy or creating electronic files for publications which are targeted to an external audience or used for the purpose of recruitment.

Any request for an exception to this policy must be submitted, including justification, to the Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer or designee.