Each year a faculty selection committee selects recipients for nine very significant awards presented to colleagues who have made outstanding contributions to the university community.


Outstanding Administrator Award (PDF)
Outstanding Creative Endeavor Award (PDF)
Outstanding Diversity Advocate Award (PDF)
Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award (PDF)
Outstanding Faculty Award (PDF)
Outstanding Faculty Service Award (PDF)
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award (PDF)
Outstanding Research Award (PDF)
Outstanding Teaching Award (PDF)

The goal of these awards is to recognize true excellence, dedication, and performance. Tenured and tenure-track faculty members and full-time, full-year contract faculty members are eligible to be nominated for Outstanding Creative Endeavor, Outstanding Diversity Advocate, Outstanding Faculty, Outstanding Faculty Advisor, Outstanding Faculty Service, Outstanding Junior Faculty, Outstanding Research, and Outstanding Teaching Awards. Continuing contract administrators, including department chairs, deans, and associate provosts, etc. are eligible to be nominated for Outstanding Administrator and Outstanding Diversity Advocate. The selection committees will be looking for those persons who have made an unusually significant impact on the students, their fields, the university, and/or the community at large.

Nominees for Outstanding Research award will be screened by the University Research Committee, nominees for the Outstanding Creative Endeavor award will be screened by the University Creative Arts Committee, and Nominations for Outstanding Teaching award will be screened by the Creative Teaching Committee. The Outstanding Awards Committee, a committee comprised partially of previous award winners, will screen the other nomination categories.