The New Faculty Academy, launched in 2014, is a program established to help ensure a productive and enjoyable start to an academic career at Ball State University.  All new tenure-track faculty participate, throughout the fall semester, in weekly sessions facilitated by a team of faculty peers.  The program is inspired by a community of practice model; it has as its goal to deepen knowledge and expertise through reciprocal mentoring, mutual exchange of ideas, and joint engagement in practice (Smith, et al. 2016).

Specifically, the participants and the facilitators work to build and enhance their student-centered pedagogies, develop and exchange research/creative project agendas that will lead to high productivity in alignment with tenure and promotion goals, imagine and articulate ways university resources can assist in all aspects of faculty work, and collectively identify and address barriers to faculty success.  Throughout the process, this community of practice model shapes collegial relationships across campus, sparking engagement and reducing isolation.

The members of the New Faculty Academy receive one course release in order to attend to the goals of NFA which include:

     • Enhancing the learner-centeredness of their teaching and connecting to campus resources
     • Refining and pursuing their research/creative projects agenda in meaningful ways
     • Acquiring a working understanding of BSU’s particular resources, policies, and practices
     • Learning about community organizations and campus initiatives, and considering their
       future role in the BSU/Muncie communities
     • Reflecting upon their identity as a teacher/scholar to develop a fulfilling career that
       properly attends to the integration of their research, teaching, and service plans as well as
       work-life balance/wellbeing
     • Building and maintaining a faculty community across campus


The New Faculty Academy Facilitators

Lindsey Blom - Associate Professor, School of Kinesiology

David Hua - Associate Professor, Department of ISOM

Jackie Grutsch McKinney - Director of the Writing Center and Professor of English

Thalia Mulvihill - Acting Assistant Provost and Professor, Department of Educational Leadership

Bill Rogers - Professor, Department of Biology

Drew Vidal - Associate Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance