Black Alumni Society Awards

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Sue Taylor, '71
Director of Alumni Engagement

Teresa Jeter, '95
Black Alumni Constituent Society President

The purpose of the society shall be to stimulate the interest of all black alumni of Ball State University, so that the society may be able to further the educational, professional, and social interests of black alumni, individually and collectively, by:

  • developing a wider acquaintance and fellowship among the members of the society
  • providing a clearinghouse for the presentation of problems pertaining to education and requests for services to the mutual benefit of the black alumni
  • creating a networking opportunity, both socially and professionally, for black alumni
  • establishing an informational base through which specific communication regarding campus minority programming and activities can be disseminated to constituents
  • encouraging a unified continuing regard among black alumni for the total scope of opportunities offered at Ball State University
  • enabling black alumni to identify with current and prospective black students plus provide support on an ongoing basis to these students and Ball State University
  • Promoting a positive environment which reflects and enhances the values of a multicultural and ethnic society