The rate details of the Ball State University Travel Policy are listed below. Contact with any Policy-related questions.


 Mileage $0.625/mile
 Indianapolis International Airport  150 miles
 Indianapolis 120 miles
 Dayton International Airport 164 miles

Meals - Domestic

For current meal & incidental rates, please visit the U.S. General Services Administration website.

First and last days of travel are paid at 75% of the full GSA rate. Same day travel is also paid at 75% of the full GSA rate. Same day travel can be reimbursed at the discretion of the department.


Meals - International

 China, Singapore, the Netherlands $65.00
 France, Germany, Great Britain $65.00
 Korea, Taiwan $85.00
 Japan $90.00
 All Other Countries $50.00

Meals Provided Deduction:

If a meal is provided, that meal cannot be claimed and should be deducted by checking the appropriate deduction box in Chrome River (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Tips for Business or Group Meals

If a business or group meal is submitted for reimbursement, please use the following guidelines when calculating tips:

  • For meals that do not include alcohol, the maximum allowable tip is 20% of the total bill.
  • For meals including alcohol, the alcohol items and related sales tax must be removed first and the maximum allowable tip of 20% will be calculated based off of the remaining balance. 

Internet Connectivity Fees - Flights, Hotels

Reasonable in-flight internet connectivity charges are allowable for international flights only, but subscriptions to in-flight services, such as GoGo, are prohibited expenses.

Internet connection/Wi-Fi fees for hotels are allowable expenses only if used for University business. The maximum amount is $10.00/day.