The Ball State University Travel Policy is largely tied to the State of Indiana's travel policy. Contact with any Policy-related questions.


 Mileage $0.415/mile
 Indianapolis International Airport  150 miles
 Indianapolis 120 miles
 Dayton International Airport 164 miles


 Location Pre-Tax Rate Allowable Rate (including tax) 
Indianapolis    $125.00   $146.25 
Carmel    $125.00   $140.00 
Bloomington  $97.00  $108.64
Ft. Wayne    $104.00   $118.56 
Hammond/Munster/Merrillville   $98.00  $109.76
(West) Lafayette    $106.00  $118.72
South Bend  $98.00  $110.74
All Other Indiana Locations  $94.00   $103.40 

Meals - Domestic

Time     In-State    
 Depart Before 12:00PM $26.00 $32.00
 Depart 12:00PM - 4:30PM $13.00 $16.00
 Depart After 4:30PM None None
 Return 7:30AM - 12:00PM $13.00 $16.00
 Return After 12:00PM $26.00 $32.00

No subsistence is paid for travel segments that are less than 7.5 hours.

Meals - International

 China, Singapore, the Netherlands $65.00
 France, Germany, Great Britain $65.00
 Korea, Taiwan $85.00
 Japan $90.00
 All Other Countries $50.00

Meals Provided Deduction:

If a meal is provided, that meal cannot be claimed and should be deducted as follows:

 Meal     In-State   Out-of-State
 Breakfast $6.50 $8.00
 Lunch $6.50 $8.00
 Dinner $13.00 $16.00

Internet Connectivity Fees - Flights, Hotels

Reasonable in-flight internet connectivity charges are allowable for international flights only, but subscriptions to in-flight services, such as GoGo, are prohibited expenses.

Internet connection/Wi-Fi fees for hotels are allowable expenses only if used for University business. The maximum amount is $10.00/day.