How do I become an arranger in Egencia?

In order to arrange travel for a University employee or student in Egencia, the traveler-arranger relationship must be created in Egencia.  To request or remove this relationship:

  1. Go to the HelpDesk website -
  2. Choose 'Request Services.'
  3. Choose 'Security Access.'
  4. Choose 'Travel & Expense - Security Access.'
  5. Your employee data should automatically be populated.  Check the 'Egencia Arranger' box.
  6. Enter a justification for the request in the appropriate field.
  7. Complete the 'List the names of the travelers, including students, the above employee would need to arrange travel for in Egencia' field.

Is Egencia mandatory to use, and will I be denied reimbursement if I do not use it?

Egencia should be used if wanting the University to directly pay for air, hotel, or rail.  It is not mandatory for travelers who wish to purchase travel fares with their own funds and then be reimbursed, subject to the provisions of the University Travel Policy.

Why don't I see the University travel card as a payment source when booking in Egencia?

Travelers will be allowed to use the University's travel card in Egencia on a per-trip basis, if approved on a Pre-Approval.

  • Payment directly by the University for air, hotel, or rail with the University travel card, can be requested by selecting 'University travel card through Egencia'
  • Once approved, the traveler (or the traveler’s arranger) will have access to book travel in Egencia with the University travel card for the approved expense types up to the amounts listed on the Pre-Approval

When will expenses booked in Egencia with the University travel card appear in my budget?

The charges on the University travel card will appear in Banner Finance within the first week of the month following the month in which charges were assessed.

What do I do if I am stranded or need to change my travel plans while traveling?

Contact an Egencia agent, rather than the airlines/hotels themselves, from either your Egencia app (tap 'Assist Me') or by calling 877-310-0463 or 702-939-2532.  Be sure to have your Egencia itinerary number with you before calling. An agent should be able to make the proper accommodations.

Why am I being prompted to purchase a seat if I already booked the flight?

After booking airfare, if seat selection was not available or a seat was not assigned, either the airline is not permitting pre-assigned seating at this time or they may only assign a seat at check-in. If utilizing online check-in and the only seat options available are paid upgrades, please wait to check-in at the airport as a seat will be assigned at no charge.  If a seat is purchased, it will not be eligible for reimbursement per the University Travel Policy.

Once the ticket is paid for, a seat is confirmed regardless of whether or not there is a pre-assigned seat number. 

What is the difference between ‘Pay at Hotel,’ or 'Pay Online?

  • Pay at Hotel - the traveler must pay for the lodging and all incidentals when checking in at the hotel.
  • Pay Online - payment is made through Egencia when making the reservation.  The traveler is responsible for placing a personal card at the hotel counter for incidentals.